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Terms & Conditions

Despite the easing of social distancing guidelines Better Craft and Paint is operating in a similar way to when guidelines were in place. For the health & safety of all customers and staff and to show consideration to those painting we have reduced capacity and we need to minimise movement around the Studio.

  • Booked sessions last for two hours except our monthly Thursday evening sessions last from 1800-2100.Thursday evening sessions cannot be booked after 4pm that day.

  • We have limited space for wheelchairs or baby buggies. Baby car seats can be used.

  • Tables are available for 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 seats. We will not normally combine tables. 

  • Only one non-painter is allowed per table. 

  •  Minimum painting fee (lowest-priced piece plus Studio Fee). A piece refers to one item of pottery, items with more than one component such as pots with lids and cups & saucers count as one item.

  • Our full drinks menu is available as well as a Cakes & Snacks menu.

  • When you arrive please wait to be seated by our staff. 

  • Our staff will invite you to make your pottery selection. You may wish to save time by browsing the current selection in the Shop section of the Web site prior to your visit. Please move through and choose your pottery as quickly as possible to allow others to make their selections.

  • If you have children with you, please ensure that only one adult in your party handles the pottery when choosing.

  • Brushes and other painting equipment as well as the most popular paint colours will be available on the table. Please ask our staff if you require more brushes or additional paint colours not on the table.

  • In order to minimise movement around the Studio it is important to remain seated at all times unless you need to visit the toilets. Please do not queue for the toilets. Raise your hand if you need attention from our staff.

  • Your session finishes at the advertised time in order that our staff have sufficient time for deep cleaning your table area before the next session. If you wish to continue your piece during another session you can take it home with you.

  • Our staff will take full details and you can pay at your table. Card payment is available with contactless available up to £100.


  • A Studio Fee is charged to everyone irrespective of the number of items painted or the type of item. The Studio Fee is £5.75 per adult and £4.50 for under 16s.
  • For baby or child painted hand or footprints we charge one Adult Studio Fee irrespective of the number of children. Studio Fees are not charged to Clay Friends members.
  • Each Studio Fee covers Studio time and resources. There is a TWO time limit and one return visit is covered to complete a piece. Further visits to work on the same piece will incur a new full price Studio Fee per visit.
  • If new pieces are started during a return visit a new Studio Fee will be chargeable.
  • It is not permitted to paint items brought in from outside Better Craft and Paint Studio. We do not fire items painted elsewhere.
  • Better Craft and Paint is a Paint Your Own Pottery studio. Staff are available to advise as appropriate. Staff may not be able to correct mistakes made with paint.
  • All new painters are given an induction on how to use the paints, etc. Better Craft and Paint cannot accept responsibility for pieces where guidelines have not been followed.
  • The Studio Fee includes use of all "standard" paints. Specialist paints and resources such as special glazes and stickers are charged as used according to a separate price list.
  • There may be minor colour variations on pieces according to how they have been painted. Minor imperfections are a result of the hand-painted nature of the pottery and the natural state of the clay.
  • Pottery is fragile and broken pottery is extremely sharp. Any breakages will be charged at the full shelf price plus Studio Fee.



  • When a piece is completed Better Craft and Paint staff will give an estimated date when we expect the piece to be glazed and fired ready for collection. This is normally 7 days after the piece has been completed. WE DO NOT CALL YOU, It will normally be available after 11am (12pm on Sundays) on this date. If there is any delay our staff will endeavour to call in advance.
  • The estimated date is not a guarantee of the completion date. The nature of the product and the firing process means that a degree of flexibility may sometimes be required. For this reason we recommend that items required for a specific day are painted at least two weeks in advance.
  • Glazed and fired pottery will be held for three months from the date of completion. Please e-mail or call us if you are unable to collect within this period.
  • Better craft and paint cannot take responsibility for how items are handled or used once they have been collected. Pottery is fragile and will chip or break if misused.
  • Better Craft and Paint can advise on the use of items in ovens, dishwashers, microwave ovens and outdoors.


Courier and Postage

  • We are happy to send completed pottery by courier within the UK on request, The cost of this is available from our staff and will depend upon what has been painted.
  • If an item has not been received within two weeks it is important to contact us immediately so that we can contact the courier company within their normal terms.
  • We recommend providing a telephone number and e-mail address so that the package can be more easily tracked. We are happy to supply the courier company's tracking details. If we have your e-mail the courier will send tracking details.
  • Better Craft and Paint Studio's liability ends when the parcel has been delivered intact according to the courier company's tracking. Damaged or undelivered items should be notified within 24 hours of delivery and no later than 26 days from the date of dispatch so that the courier company can be contacted within their terms.

Take-Home Pottery

  • Pottery may be ordered on-line to paint-at-home. This is available as packs with all materials or individual pieces of unpainted pottery. In the latter case paints should be ordered separately.

  • Painting equipment is supplied and this must be returned to Better Craft and Paint  when returning pottery for glazing & firing. We do not take unused paints back and they can be used for future projects.

  • Pottery ordered on-line to paint at home is usually available during the next opening session. This is confirmed by e-mail when the pottery is ready for collection.

  • Better Craft and Paint  is unable to fire pottery purchased elsewhere or with paints other than those supplied by Better Craft and Paint


  • Tables should be booked in advance through our on-line system. We cannot guarantee tables where they have not been booked in advance. The on-line system allows you to cancel or amend your booking. 
  • For bookings outside normal opening hours and for parties a deposit is required. For a children's birthday party this is 50% of the expected painting and food cost. For other parties and group bookings there is a set deposit of £100. This deposit is refundable against the cost on the day except:
    • Cancellation more than 14 days in advance – full deposit refund.
    • Cancellation 4-13 days in advance – 50% of deposit refund.
    • Cancellation within 3 days – no deposit refund.


Painting Academy Workshops

  • Workshops are offered on an inclusive basis with all materials, tuition and Studio Fees included.
  • We will not normally allow pieces other that the highlighted piece to be painted in workshops as the project will have been designed for a specific piece. If we do allow the project to be completed on an alternative piece we cannot guarantee the results and the painter must accept full responsibility should the piece not turn out as expected.


Studio Friends

  • Better Friends membership is valid for twelve months and is £40 per year.
  •  A reminder is usually sent about two weeks before renewal is due.
  • Better Friends membership is for individuals and for named members of a family. Membership cannot be refunded or transferred.
  • Membership commences on the date of purchase of the benefit. Voucher are also available for memberships as presents.
  • Members may be asked to produce a membership card when painting to claim benefits under the scheme.
  • Membership ensures no payment of Studio Fees during the year. Pottery paid for by a member but painted by a non-member will incur a Studio Fee including pieces commenced by a member.
  • Members benefit from one complimentary hot drink per session when starting a new piece. One complimentary drink per session. This is most easily described as one complimentary hot drink when a Studio Fee would have been payable. The complimentary hot beverage is not valid on "free" pieces.
  • The complimentary hot drink is valid for that painting session only and may not be carried over to a future visit.
  • Bisque “additions” are not counted as pottery pieces.
  • All members receive 10% discount on the marked prices of items such as crystal glazes and on Painting Academy Workshops where there is an “all-in” price.
  • Where members introduce a new member both are entitled to a voucher for a free “standard” mug or side plate. This voucher cannot be taken as credit against other items.


 Better Craft and Paint Studio reserves the right to amend our Terms & Conditions from time subject to business needs.


Last updated: OCTOBER  2023

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