Opening Times

Admission is by advance booking only and subject to special Terms & Conditions so that social distancing is enabled. New painters may not be admitted outside session times. Sessions last two hours except Thursday evening that lasts from 5.30 to 9.30. Thursday evening sessions should be booked by 4pm that day. We cannot guarantee tables for any painters not booked in advance.

During Dorset/Hampshire school holidays and most bank holidays we are open seven days a week. At other times we are normally closed Monday and Tuesday. 


Order on-line and take-home remain in place for those who prefer to paint at home.

The Clay Studio does not admit new painters within 90 minutes of our advertised closing time.

The Clay Studio reserves the right to close one hour early on quiet days or when there are no further bookings. We will close from 4pm-5pm on Thursdays if there are no advance bookings for the evening session and 4pm on Saturdays. If you are collecting pottery you may wish to arrive before then or check that we are open.

Advance Closure Notice

We will be closed weekdays 14-25 June 2021 and 8-10 September 2021 although we will be open at the weekend. Items painted after 10 June will be available for collection from 30 June. Our staff will advise on the actual collection date. The last painting day to have items finished for Father's Day is Wednesday 9 June.