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Opening Times

Admission is by advance booking only UNLESS WE ARE QUIET and subject to Terms & Conditions in order to ensure comfort of our visitors. New painters may not be admitted outside session times. Sessions last two hours.

Normal opening hours

Mon-Wed closed

Thursday and friday open from 1000-1400 

Saturday 1000-1600 ( if no bookings we may close early)

Sunday 1100-16-00 ( if no bookings we may close early)

School holiday's

During Dorset/Hampshire school holidays and most bank holidays we are open seven days a week. At other times we are normally closed Monday - Wednesday 


Order on-line and take-home remain in place for those who prefer to paint at home.

Better Craft and Paint does not admit painters within 2 hours of our advertised closing time.

Better Craft and Paint reserves the right to close one hour early on quiet days or when there are no further bookings.

                       Every 4 weeks we will have adult only late nights from 1730- 2100 


                       Please watch out for the next late night then book on line or call us.

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