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Each visitor  pays a Studio Fee of £5.75 per visit £4.75 for under 16s. For baby or child painted handprints we charge one Adult Studio Fee, irrespective of the number of children. The price of the pieces ranges from £14.50 up to £80.00 depending on what you choose.


You can spend TWO HOURS painting and even come back to finish an item for another TWO HOURS. You do not pay a Studio Fee for a repeat visit unless you start a new piece (one return visit allowed to finish an item). Regular painters can become a member of Better Friends which provides many benefits.

We allow one non-painter per table but every one pays a studio fee.

Sample prices:

  • Mugs range in price from £16.50 upwards

  • Plates range in price from £16.50 upwards

  • Money box prices start at £18.50

  • Animal ornaments start at £14.50

If you wish to know the price of any pieces before visiting, such as items you have seen in our on-line Gallery, please contact us and we will let you know the price and availability or look at the item in the on-line shop.

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