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The Fun and Inspiration From Painting Pottery

Painting pottery is a fun and creative activity for all the family. Visitors to Better Craft and Paint have all sorts of reasons for painting pottery from one-off gifts and celebration plates to learning to be more creative or simply a fun and relaxing time. You do not need any artistic skills to paint pottery. Quite the reverse. Our fully-trained staff will guide and encourage and help bring out the artist in you. In addition, we have numerous painted samples as well as books and other sources of ideas and inspiration. All you need to a desire to enjoy yourself, a little bit of patience and you will be surprised just what you can achieve. For those who are looking to learn different painting techniques we also offer occasional Workshops where you can learn various ways to achieve paint effects.

Artistic skill or previous experience are not necessary. New visitors are given clear instructions and staff are always available to help. All that is needed is enthusiasm to try something and sufficient patience to achieve your best results. It is important to allow yourself plenty of time. Pottery painting is also suitable for patient children. We encourage everyone to embrace their creativity by taking plenty of time, planning their work and using simple techniques.

Better Craft and Paint open 4 days each week with late-night opening every Thursday once a month see in the studio for the next late night or call us. We can seat around 50 people. Booking is essential as we are often running at full capacity.

Choose an item from our extensive and ever-changing range of unpainted (bisque) items. We have a range of standard products as well as some items which are seasonal or we stock for a short period. We have well over 500 different items and we are always adding new lines. Our Gallery shows the type of items that are available to paint as well as helping to provide inspiration. Decide on the theme for what you are painting. There is plenty of inspiration around and our staff are always on-hand to offer advice and help should you need it. You can paint something decorative or something functional. Is it for you or is it a gift? Let your imagination wander. Our staff will take you through the pottery painting process and guide you at all stages.

You should allow plenty of time for painting. Most visits are an average of 2 hours, depending on what is being painted and the design chosen. We do not admit new painters less than 90 minutes before closing time. Our staff will always encourage you to take plenty of time to ensure you achieve the best possible result. You are allowed 2 visits for one studio fee.

When you have finished your painting, our staff will let you know when it is ready for collection and give you a receipt showing this. This usually takes around 7 days, during which time the pottery will be given a glaze and fired in our kiln. If you are painting for a special occasion we recommend that you allow at least two weeks to allow for any firing or other issues that could delay completion. In addition, glazing and firing may take longer due to staff holidays. You must wish to check with us if you are painting for a special occasion. When you collect your piece, you will see a transformation. If you are unable to collect, let us know and, we can post it for £7.50

It's Time to Bring out the Artist in You

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