Parties at The Clay Studio

The Clay Studio is a great place to hold a party whatever the reason or do you even need a reason? We use our Beach Room as a dedicated party room and this can seat around 30 people in comfort. We can also hold parties upstairs and can accommodate up to 70 in total.

Pottery painting is a fun party activity and we are also able to provide food and drink.

There are different party options depending on the number of party guests and your budget. You can choose to go "à la carte" by selecting a piece of pottery to paint from our extensive range or you can choose from a cut-down range to save time and be sure of the total cost. The latter option is advised for children's parties. Alternatively, talk to us about your requirements and we will help you find the best option.

We will ensure that you have a great time at the party and learn some new skills. The pottery will be returned to you glazed and fired within a week so that you have a permanent reminder of the fun time that you had.

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